[Mimedefang] add_recipient inconsistent results on postfix

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Mon Dec 30 05:23:17 EST 2013

Hi David

> I'm not familiar with Postfix, but this does sound like a Postfix bug.
> I would post on a Postfix list because I think most of the people on this
> list are Sendmail users...

Thank you for your reply. Via Postfix list I found someone who could tell me 
how to enable the milter debugging output of the 'cleanup' daemon. That's the 
one doing the whole rewriting stuff in postfix.

This shows that sometimes, there are just no recipient changes submitted by 
the milter.

So I have startet sniffing the inet socket connection between the milter and 
It's pretty binary, but after a while I figured out how the header changes 
look like and those seem to confirm that MIMEDefang ist not sending those 
changes to postfix.

That's pretty weird now, because I have added an md_syslog instruction before 
those recipient changes dumping what is being changed so I know they are being 
The changes that occur in the body, like adding the line that MIMEDefang has 
scanned that email, are always run, even if the recipient changes have not 
been run.

MIMEDefang 2.73 in use here.

Is there anything known which could cause that issue I'm observing?

Kind regards

Benoit Panizzon
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