[Mimedefang] X-Auto-Response-Suppress header

kd6lvw at yahoo.com kd6lvw at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 18:22:59 EDT 2012

--- On Wed, 5/16/12, David F. Skoll <dfs at roaringpenguin.com> wrote:
> After gnashing my teeth at Microsoft because its dumb software ignores
> Precedence: and List-*: headers and cheerfully sends out-of-office
> replies to list owners, I discovered this:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee219609%28v=exchg.80%29.aspx
> I've set up a MIMEDefang filter to add X-Auto-Response-Suppress: OOF
> to all list traffic.  Just passing it along as a tip to other list
> owners.

I take a stronger approach:  Since M$ Exchange is incapable of generating proper "Received:" headers, I reject all mail which has transited such a system using that software.

If one looks carefully, their chosen syntax violates even the old RFC 821/822 standards (STD 10), let alone the 5321/5322 modern versions.

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