[Mimedefang] Wrong charachters

Gustavo Henrique Vieira gustavo_hv at terra.com.br
Mon Mar 5 12:55:50 EST 2012

Hi Guys.
I'm newbie in mimedefang and am having a little problem.
Everything works fine, but the warning text shows wrong characters.
My  OS  language  is  pt_BR.UTF-8  and  the  erros  are in 'ç' 'á' for
example, but inside 'warning1.txt' file everything is correct.
Does someone have experimented this issue before? tks

 - . - . - .- . - . - .- . - . 
  Gustavo Vieira
  Técnico em Informática
  Fone: (18) 8119-7011

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