[Mimedefang] filter_sender, authenticated or smtp (port 25) Connections

Jobst Schmalenbach jobst at barrett.com.au
Sat Feb 18 00:57:17 EST 2012


I have a mailserver that staff on mobile devices can use for sending email on behalf of our domain.
This is done using port 465, ssl and authentication.

Is there any way that I can find out that people have connected to that port when sending emails in filter_sender or somewhere else in mimedefang where I can set a global variable so I can see that in filter_sender?

Reason: I used to have this nice thing in filter_sender that did not allow people sending emails when the FROM address was from our domain, killing a fair amount of spam and viruses. Now when they connect using 465 and authentication I have no way finding out whether they come through 465 or 25, well at least to my current knowledge.

Is there any way I can find out in mimedefang whether a connection is made as authenticated users or coming through the standard smtp (25) port??

thank you for your help.


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