[Mimedefang] filter_sender, authenticated or smtp (port 25) Connections

Tilman Schmidt t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de
Sat Feb 18 10:17:58 EST 2012

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Am 18.02.2012 06:57, schrieb Jobst Schmalenbach:
> I have a mailserver that staff on mobile devices can use for sending email on behalf of our domain.
> This is done using port 465, ssl and authentication.

Is there any reason why you don't use the Mail Submission port 587 which
has been designated specifically for that purpose?

> Reason: I used to have this nice thing in filter_sender that did not allow people sending emails when the FROM address was from our domain, killing a fair amount of spam and viruses. Now when they connect using 465 and authentication I have no way finding out whether they come through 465 or 25, well at least to my current knowledge.
> Is there any way I can find out in mimedefang whether a connection is made as authenticated users or coming through the standard smtp (25) port??

I don't think you can find out on which port the connection was made,
but you can easily check whether it was authenticated. For example, I am

        if (defined($SendmailMacros{"auth_type"})) {

to avoid running SpamAssassin on messages submitted by my customers.
(Not because of the server load it generates, but because my customers
tend to be miffed if my server marks their messages as spam. ;-)

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