[Mimedefang] Mail Admin Question

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Fri Aug 17 15:21:43 EDT 2012

On Jan 7,  2:08pm, "Jon Rowlan" wrote:
} Well some of us are not quite so stupid as we choose
} Linux/Sendmail/MimeDefang/SpamAssassin as well as Exchange.

     And, some of us use *BSD/sendmail/MIMEDefang/SpamAssassin, but
let's not get into an OS war.  :->

} But you have to consider that not everyone wants to spend their whole
} life tweaking various settings in various config files.
} Most small businesses simply want to use what they can that will allow
} their users to integrate with their chosen word processor or spreadsheet
} on their chosen desktop system best.

     This is why they should hire outside help to manage their IT
systems for them.  They don't have the time or expertise to properly do
it themselves.  Nor would it be cost effective for them to develope the
capability to handle it in-house.  This is not a slag against small
businesses, just reality.  The smarter ones will out-source.

} I can see the benefits of both sides, my question was simply, why is
} there an assumption that the problem is caused by a badly managed
} Exchange system?

     Probably because there are a whole lot of bads ones.  The flip
side is there a lot of Linux based systems managed by kids that learned
IT by playing on systems in their parent's basements, who have no idea
how to do enterprise level system administration.  With the popularity
and ease of setting up unix-like systems at home, I'm (and I'm sure
many others) are seeing a lot of very poorly run Linux systems in
business settings.

     One place the aforementioned small businesses need to be careful
when out-sourcing IT is to not go with the lowest bidder, otherwise
they are likely to get one of these clueless kids.  They need to make
sure that they hire somebody that knows what they are doing.

}-- End of excerpt from "Jon Rowlan"

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