[Mimedefang] sanity Check: MD -> SpamAssassing checks ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Fri Aug 3 03:36:32 EDT 2012

On 2012-08-02 4:37 PM, John Nemeth wrote:
> http://lists.roaringpenguin.com/pipermail/mimedefang/2005-April/026563.html
> http://lists.roaringpenguin.com/pipermail/mimedefang/2005-September/028147.html
> http://lists.roaringpenguin.com/pipermail/mimedefang/2006-June/030475.html
> http://lists.roaringpenguin.com/pipermail/mimedefang/2006-November/031187.html
> http://lists.roaringpenguin.com/pipermail/mimedefang/2007-April/032485.html
> }-- End of excerpt from "David F. Skoll"

I looked at this list and all seem to deal with SQL setups which I'm not running -- but thanks for the links.

(and the dates are Soooo long ago -- I figured asking the list might yield a more current answer.)


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