[Mimedefang] Rejecting e-mails with blank CC: and Reply-To:

Scott Nelson sbnelson at thermeon.com
Wed Apr 11 15:51:45 EDT 2012

On Apr 11, 2012, at 2:03 PM, Joseph Brennan wrote:

> No.  Really, google the whole sentence...

I did!  Really!

> This message has been blocked because the return email domain is invalid.

That's what the message says! But... the envelope has a sender's e-mail address and the recipient's e-mail address.  Not the return address.  That's in the message header -- the data!  And in that, the return e-mail domain (from the Reply-To) is blank because there was nothing supplied for reply-to.

> ...and see people on a bewildering variety of systems who report
> seeing and want to know what it's about.  I've never seen it myself.

Right, and not much help there.

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