[Mimedefang] Rejecting e-mails with blank CC: and Reply-To:

Scott Nelson sbnelson at thermeon.com
Wed Apr 11 14:51:20 EDT 2012

On Apr 11, 2012, at 11:23 AM, Joseph Brennan wrote:

> Googled web pages suggest that the problem is a bad envelope sender.
> In the case above the domain appears to be a blank. Is the sender
> just 'user' instead of 'user at domain.tld'?

Nope -- what the mail forwarder sent me as the envelope sender and receiver look right.  Only the message CC and Reply-to headers looked out of the ordinary (they were blank).

> It's not a Mimedefang error.

I thought it could be a SpamAssassin error, but grep'ing for the message proved fruitless.

Now I'm wondering if it is from sendmail itself...

Scott Nelson
Thermeon Worldwide, plc

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