[Mimedefang] Postfix and Mimedefang

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Wed Apr 4 15:01:38 EDT 2012

Roman Pretory wrote:
> only put following lines in main.cf don't work.
> smtpd_milters = inet:10025 at localhost
> milter_default_action = tempfail
> milter_protocol = 6
> milter_mail_macros = {auth_author} {auth_type} {auth_authen}
> there is to change to socket also im mimedefang anywere

You're already pretty much done on the Postfix side.

> just work with the centos 6 rpm for postfix 2.6.6 or is there anything
> to patch?
> is the defang user a problem to change to postfix or ok.

You should be able to run MD as defang under most configurations - there 
are really only a couple of rare cases where it *won't* work.

For CentOS, you should be able to then edit /etc/sysconfig/mimedefang 
(assuming you installed it from a .rpm as well) to set the appropriate 
options to get it to listen on a TCP socket instead of UNIX socket. 
Look for a (probably commented) line that sets the SOCKET variable, and 
put inet:<port>@<ip> for the value.

<ip> should probably be unless you want to run a cluster of 
mail systems against a set of load-balanced MD servers.  <port> can be 
any handy unused port.


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