[Mimedefang] zip file stipped

Curt Blank Curt.Blank at curtronics.com
Wed Apr 11 15:51:49 EDT 2012

I was waiting for a software upgrade and finally got it only to find out 
mimedefand stipped it so I really didn't get it.

Apr 11 11:54:54 nnnnn mimedefang.pl[26462]: 
MDLOG,q3BGsklx010625,bad_filename,MA87100.zip,application/x-zip-compressed,<xxxxxxxx at aol.com>,<xxxx at xxxxxxxxxx.com>,MA87100 

"MA87100.zip" So? What? It strip it because it has the .zip extension or 
because it contained something bad? I highly doubt it contains something 
bad, more like a false positive if it even bothered to check inside.

Funny thing I get all kinds if spam with zip files attached and they don't 
get stripped but the one legit one, poof gone!

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