[Mimedefang] Problems with md_check_against_smtp_server

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Apr 11 16:16:21 EDT 2012

New install on Centos 6.2 64-bit
I'm using the repoforge rpm mimedefang-2.70-1.el6.rf.x86_64 for 

I basically copied over my filter from an old Centos 3 install. The only 
thing I do in the filter is check to see if the recipient exists on 
another server if the domain is a particular domain. I let the mta 
(Sendmail) check if the domain is local.

I soon realized that I had forgot to turn on the MX_RECIPIENT_CHECK=yes 
in my sysconfig/mimedefang file. Mimedefang was running OK before I did 
this, it was just not doing anything.

Once I reloaded, then restarted mimedefang, I started getting the 
following errors:
Milter (mimedefang): write(Q) returned -1, expected 5: Broken pipe
Milter (mimedefang): to error state

These are  from Sendmail. Then if seemed to fix itself and started doing 
the right thing.

Can anyone explain what those two line indicate?

When I restarted mimedefang, I stopped sendmail before restarting 
mimedefang, and started sendmail after mimedefang finished starting.

Posts from ages ago didn't really tell me much, but it seemed like a 
real problem back then, but not so much any more.

Just curious, since it seems OK. But there was a 16 minute delay from 
the time the error messages were thrown until I saw the first mimedefang 
message that indicated things were fine. This is a fairly busy server.


steve campbell

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