[Mimedefang] fpscan temp reject on encrypted attachment

Gary Forrest garyf at netnorth.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 11:32:39 EDT 2011

Hello all

We use a number of FreeBSD 8 servers to scan inbound email,
Sendmail v8.14.5, mimedefang milter,  mimedefang 2.72
f-prot 6.2.1 (engine version

Today we have received a 136Mb email containing a encrypted attachment.
This is being temp-failed, with a return code of 64 from FPScan, causing 
the sending system to re-send the email etc.

Looking into the code within mimedefang.pl

Using Virus:FPSCAN to check mails in mimedefang.pl, the handler code in 
the function 'interpret_fpscan_code()' returns 'swerr','tempfail' for 
return code 64 within the following code snippet from mimedefang.pl:

     # bit 7 (64)  ==> At least one object was not scanned (encrypted
     #                 file, unsupported/unknown compression method,
     #                 corrupted or invalid file).
     if ($code & 0b1000000) {
         return ($code, 'swerr', 'tempfail');

Comparing the above to FPROTD6 (similar scanner, different invocation 
method, same return codes), the fprotd6 code allows code 64 through 
unlike the above.  This is what I would expect the fpscan results to match.

Surely ( ? ) the default should be to allow an encrypted file through - 
and if not it should permfail it rather than tempfail as the outcome of 
the scanner should be identical with each run (the attachment will 
always be encrypted)

Is there a specific reason why it tempfails?

Thanks in advance


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