[Mimedefang] Simplifying installations re: $Features{}

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Tue Nov 15 16:25:50 EST 2011

I'm looking at /usr/bin/mimedefang.pl on my Fedora 15 system, and seeing:

$Features{'Virus:CLAMD'}    = ('/bin/false' ne '/bin/false' ? '/bin/false' : 0);

for example, and thinking that this might have been better done as:

$Features{'Virus:CLAMD'}    = ( -f '/usr/sbin/clamd' );

for example?  This way, if I install mimedefang first, configure/customize it, then later on install clamav, then I don't need to come back and reinstall, modify, or otherwise reconfigure mimedefang to leverage it.

This would be especially hand when installing from binary packages such as RPM.

Anyone see a downside to doing this?



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