[Mimedefang] Add header to be auto moved into outlook junk folder

Scott Ostrander SOstrander at printronix.com
Mon May 16 17:13:53 EDT 2011

We are using MimeDefang and SpamAssassin.
This setup is doing a great job.

Google is coming up short in finding info about Outlook Junk filter workings.
For various internal reasons we have a range of emails that are not clearly defined as Spam. (the users want these emails, just not in their inbox)
Does anyone know of a header I can add with MimeDefang that the Outlook 2010 Junk filter will react to and move the email into the Junk folder?
I know how to add rules in Outlook to move emails tagged as Spam into the Junk folder by looking at the X-Spam-Score header.  I was hoping to avoid adding rules for each end user.


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