[Mimedefang] Debian squeeze postfix mimedefang

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Thu Jun 16 10:01:33 EDT 2011

On 16-6-2011 0:30, David F. Skoll wrote:

> I can have MIMEDefang call smfi_opensocket if it's compiled against
> a version of milter that has it.
Did not realize that this function even existed, nice.

> Polling for the socket once every 200ms or so from the
> parent and exiting if it doesn't appear within 5 seconds makes sense.
> I will look at making those changes.
I would agree that this would be the best possible solution, if 
smfi_opensocket was not available, polling socket will gracefully wait 
for it to appear and would not cost much when the function was called.

The best of both worlds I guess.

Maybe unrelated to this but does it matter that the MultiplexorSocket is 
not available before we dive into smfi_main? If its important this 
socket is available we might want to poll this one too.


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