[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.72-BETA-2 is available

Tomasz Ostrowski tometzky at batory.org.pl
Tue Jul 5 06:55:23 EDT 2011

On 2011-06-20 19:35, David F. Skoll wrote:

> I've released MIMEDefang 2.72-BETA-2

I've a configure.in bug to report, which was also present in older 
versions. In pure 64 bit Linux environment libmilter.a is in /usr/lib64/ 
directory, but configure only searches for /usr/lib/, so it fails with 
the following message if 32bit libraries are not installed:
> configure: WARNING: Oops.. I couldn't find libmilter.a or libmilter.so.  Please install Sendmail
> configure: WARNING: and its libraries.  You must run Build in the libmilter/ directory
> configure: WARNING: to compile libmilter.

I'm attaching a proposed patch, which isn't perfect but I think should 
be good enough. I think a proper fix would be to use AC_SEARCH_LIBS 
instead of AC_CHECK_PROG, but I can not test it for portability.

Also "unstripped" Makefile target disappeared. This target was useful 
for example for rpm packagers, as it allowed for automatic building of 
"debuginfo" packages, which contain debugging symbols for programs and 
aren't installed by default but only as needed. This change isn't 
mentioned in the Changelog. For other packagers: I was able to work 
around this by adding INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG="" to "make install".

Please also mention in the Changelog changing a name of Makefile 
variable RPM_INSTALL_ROOT to DESTDIR, as it is also used by packagers.

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diff -urNP mimedefang-2.68.orig/configure.in mimedefang-2.68/configure.in
--- mimedefang-2.68.orig/configure.in	2010-02-22 16:50:09.000000000 +0100
+++ mimedefang-2.68/configure.in	2010-03-02 21:16:17.413499226 +0100
@@ -663,12 +663,12 @@
 SMPATH=`echo ../sendmail-*/obj.*/libmilter`
 as_test_x='test -e'
-AC_PATH_PROG(LIBMILTER, libmilter.a, no, $MILTERLIB:$SMPATH:/usr/local/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/lib/libmilter)
+AC_PATH_PROG(LIBMILTER, libmilter.a, no, $MILTERLIB:$SMPATH:/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/lib64:/lib:/lib64:/usr/lib:/usr/lib64:/usr/lib/libmilter)
 SMPATH=`echo ../sendmail-*/obj.*/libsm`
-AC_PATH_PROG(LIBSM, libsm.a, no, $SMPATH:/usr/local/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/lib/libmilter)
+AC_PATH_PROG(LIBSM, libsm.a, no, $SMPATH:/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/lib64:/lib:/lib64:/usr/lib:/usr/lib64:/usr/lib/libmilter)
 dnl find libmilter.so in case we have shared libraries
-AC_PATH_PROG(LIBMILTERSO, libmilter.so, no, $MILTERLIB:$SMPATH:/usr/local/lib:/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/lib/libmilter)
+AC_PATH_PROG(LIBMILTERSO, libmilter.so, no, $MILTERLIB:$SMPATH:/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/lib64:/lib:/lib64:/usr/lib:/usr/lib64:/usr/lib/libmilter)
 dnl find Sendmail

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