[Mimedefang] Sendmail local recipients

Delahunty, Mark MDelahunty at cc.ucc.ie
Tue Feb 1 07:23:00 EST 2011


I have users in sendmail's virtusertable. The domains of these user's
addresses are also in sendmail's local-host-names file.

If I'm understanding this right, this makes sendmail treat these
recipients as "local".

I'm thinking of getting mimedefang to log some stats on distributed
dictionary attacks. But as far as I can see, filter_recipient() does not
get called or see the recipient if sendmail rejects an unknown local

I suppose I could get the details from sendmail's logs, but if we want
to do anything with dictionary attacks as they're happening I'd want to
do it in mimedefang.

Any ideas?


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