[Mimedefang] Mailing lists, ham, and broken MUA's

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue May 4 14:56:15 EDT 2010

Philip A. Prindeville wrote:

>>> RFC-2822 requires that a message be ...
>> RFC 2822 is not the current standard.  RFC 5322 superseded it.

Actually, it's RFC 2046 that Philip quoted earlier, and that has not been

> The maxim, "be conservative what you send" still applies, and this is an
> instance of exactly that.

You are forgetting the other half of that maxim: "but be liberal in
what you accept from others."

IMO, arbitrarily messing with the encoding of received messages violates
the second half of the maxim, and introduces an opportunity for mangling
a message beyond repair.



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