[Mimedefang] IP Reputation data collection (announcement, Internet draft)

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Mon May 3 09:53:32 EDT 2010

joris dedieu wrote:

> Spamhaus do so, SORBS too. They don't store everything. But if one of your ip
> is listed, you can easily understand what's going wrong.

If we list an IP address, we can say that we've had reports of N spams
and M non-spams from your system.  We can even find out exactly who reported
them and when.  But we can't give you actual mail server logs.

> If it's not in your scope to store details I expect that you have a
> great anti-flood system.

All our reports are authenticated.

> Has there is no details in the report, I think you should specify
> that an abuse report (see rfc2142 rfc2635) containing the outrage
> details must be send before every reports that "harms" the
> reputation of an IP.

That is beyond the scope of the document.  It specifies only a mechanism
for sending reports about IP events.  It doesn't say anything about how
those reports are to be used.



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