[Mimedefang] add_recipient followed by stream_by_domain

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Sat May 1 08:44:48 EDT 2010

Shridhar wrote:

> Our Mimedefang checks for the sender if his mails are handled by
> us,If yes then it adds one more address outgoing at sendersdomain as a
> recipient to archive all outgoing mails.

> Now if this domain is sending mails to say 3 different domains,it
> would send 3 copies of same message to outgoing at sendersdomain.

Hmm, ok.

> I read somewhere in this list that we can modify @Recipients to
> include added recipients and I tested out that stream_by_domain
> doesnt discard it.

Pushing a recipient onto @Recipients will work *only* if stream_by_domain
actually does stream the message.  If the original message comes in
for only one domain, then adding a recipient to @Recipients will not work.

What you are trying to achieve is tricky.  At filter_begin time, you have
to check if the original message has already been streamed.  If it has,
then do nothing.  If it has not, then you should call add_recipient *and*
push the recipient onto @Recipients and call stream_by_domain.  Doing both
ensures that the recipient is added whether or not stream_by_domain actually
streams the message.

You can check the $WasResent global variable to determine whether or
not a message has been streamed.  (But it's a hack.)



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