[Mimedefang] obtaining the senders IP address within filter_begin

TLD MimeDefang tld.mimed at stimulacra.com
Mon May 31 18:57:43 EDT 2010


   Does mimedefang provide the IP address of the sender within
filter_begin?  If so, I cannot find where.  As best I can tell,
filter_begin only receives the parsed Mail::Entity object.

   I see $RelayAddr as a global, but is only available in
_relay, _sender, and _recipient and that doesn't do me any good.

   If this is not available, how do I obtain the IP address
within filter_begin?  The only mention I can find in the mailing
list is from June 2005 and there was no solution provided, only
a link to another mailing list entry that has nothing to do with
obtaining IP addresses in this function.

   As well, google searching turns up no real relevant information.
I'd appreciate an assist with this!


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