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> Page 2:
> "3.  RFCs are available in plain-text format.  They are easy to read online on any type of computer."
> Add:  They may be available in additional formats (e.g. HTML).

Please don't. It would just clutter the text without adding anything

> 3.2.2  TCP isn't working around "IP's unreliability."  It's working around "IP's failure to guarentee reliability and ordering of received data."

The former isn't wrong or misleading, and the latter is much longer and
harder to comprehend, so I'd vote for the "short and sweet" version.

> 4.2:  Isn't "host" depreciated?  Use "dig" instead.

No. "nslookup" is deprecated. "host" is the designated successor. "dig"
is nice as a troubleshooting tool or if you want to see the gory
details, but it produces much too verbose output for the purpose at hand.

> Page 9 example:  You should not use local parts that have special meanings.  Replace "devnull" with something else.

Can't see why. "devnull" is a perfectly fine local part. In fact, I do
have an E-mail correspondent whose mail address is <devnull at ...>.

> 6.1.2 - Received header.
> You should NOT include examples of syntactically invalid received headers.

I disagree. Real-life Received headers are very frequently not
syntactically valid, and the mail gets through, anyway. It does a much
better service to the reader to show him or her what to expect when
looking at the headers of an actual E-mail message, than to explain what
these headers should have looked like if software authors had for once
adhered to the standards.


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