[Mimedefang] segfault problem

Marcus lists at localguru.de
Thu Mar 4 05:11:28 EST 2010


after running mimedefang very stable for about a month, I got a segfault

Mar  3 23:49:44 lserver kernel: [424651.465798] mimedefang[2857]:
segfault at a0 ip b7f5e9d0 sp b75a4360 error 4 in

I don't see any obvious in the mail.log.

I'm running the mimedefang 2.64-6 package on debian/lenny. The machine
is a quad-core Opteron with 4 GB memory, that idles most of the time.
Sendmail is version 8.14.3-5.

Is that a mimedefang or a sendmail milter problem? Any ideas?


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