[Mimedefang] stream by recipient

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Wed Jun 30 12:05:24 EDT 2010

ml ml wrote:

[Please don't top-post]

> Oh, that sucks! Are there any alternatives? [for getting stream_by_xxx
> working]

Yes.  There are three options, none of which is likely to be very

1) Bite the bullet and use Sendmail instead of Postfix.

2) Keep using Postfix, but install Sendmail as well.  Configure
MIMEDefang to resubmit local mail using the "real" Sendmail, which will
then submit it via SMTP to Postfix.  I haven't tried setting this up,
and the book-keeping is probably nightmarish.

3) Write your own submission agent that submits mail via SMTP and make
MIMEDefang use that in stream_by_xxx.  However, you may need to write
a queuing-and-retrying mechanism... essentially, you'll end up writing
about half of a real MTA. :(

There's also a fourth option: Convince Wietse Venema to add a flag to
Postfix that makes it submit locally-generated mail via SMTP on the
loopback address the same way Sendmail 8.12 and newer do.  (Or maybe you
can already configure Postfix to do this?  I do not know.)



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