[Mimedefang] Reputation in practice

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at onet.eu
Sat Jun 19 15:09:42 EDT 2010

"David F. Skoll" <dfs at roaringpenguin.com> wrote:
> Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
> > [...]
> By the way, your outbound SMTP server has a rather
> poor reputation.  We've been running the Reputation Reporting Protocol
> with several hundred sensors for a few months now and we keep a window
> of 45 days' worth of events (about 1.6 x 10^9 events in total;
> ~400/second).  Here's the score for
> $ canit-reputation-check
> smtpout7.poczta.onet.pl
>         gl=142 ug=33 hs=21 hh=2 as=15177 ah=87 vr=17209 ir=13022 activity=6.1
> That means 142 greylisting events, 33 ungreylisting events, 21 messages
> hand-voted as spam, 2 hand-voted as non-spam, 15177 auto-detected as spam,
> 87 auto-detected as non-spam, 17209 valid RCPT commands and 13022
> invalid RCPT commands.  activity=6.1 is a log-scale measure of how much
> activity our sensors have picked up; is a fairly active
> SMTP client.
> You need to get your ISP to clean up its act. :-)

I use onet.(eu|pl) as a "dual purpose" free email accounts used also as
spamtraps. The addresses have been "advertised" for *many* years, I do not
want to "waste" the accumulated effort ;-)
IMHO onet is too close to philosophy "no money, no (true) responsibility".

I could switch to gmail at any time but gmail "dev-nulls" my own mails 
sent by mail list servers, it keeps *only* copy of message sent to
mailing list. It is behavior I "double +dislike" so I use gmail to
receive messages from mailing lists and another account to send to
mailing lists.

Could you suggest another free email account/service for sending to
mailing lists?

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