[Mimedefang] still struggling with syntax erroinmimedefang-filter

Renaud Pascal renaud.pascal at atosorigin.com
Thu Jun 17 03:32:24 EDT 2010

On Wed, 16 Jun 2010 21:39:06 +0100
"tonj" <tonj at freeuk.com> wrote:

> > That's exactly what I told you in my message posted to the list on Fri Jun > 4 00:43:33 EDT 2010 in response to your first message titled "filtering > html email".
> >
> > Why didn't you listen?
> it isn't that I didn't listen, I didn't understand your response. You said there was a missing right bracket but didn't clarify where, and I didn't understand what 'hanging conditional' meant. But the syntax issue is solved now. 

you're done with the "syntax issue" but you're probably close to the edge of the logic issue ,-)
Really, please, do read David's advice again and follow it
(at least if your smtp service is to be used by other people than only you, of course if
you're the only victim you're free to play with dough but still beware that loaf which glows in the dark ;-)

Besides, shall we someday happen to know what was supposed to be tested in
the "hanging conditional" that suddenly disappeared to cure that darn "syntax issue" ?-)

OK, now I'll have my pills and coffee ;D)

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