[Mimedefang] OT: Re: HOW TO install clamd on Fedora 11 for use by mimedefang

Matt Garretson mattg at assembly.state.ny.us
Fri Jan 22 17:58:02 EST 2010

On 1/22/2010 3:14 PM, Cliff Hayes wrote:
> One thing I would like to add to this list is a way to verify clamd is still
> checking emails.

I use clamdwatch by Mike Cathey. But, it just makes sure 
clamd is still alive and scanning; it doesn't make sure 
it's "checking emails".  But it might be good enough.
What I do for extra safety is have mimedefang alert me
if a clam scan fails.

> 22) configure mimedefang to use clamd by editing /usr/bin/mimedefang.pl

Mimedefang should find clamav on its own, without editing
the source code.  At least, it has always done so here.


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