[Mimedefang] Mimedefang and Anti-virus

Aniruddha Barua zmrif at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 00:13:09 EST 2010

Best is to download the source code, compile and then install it. yum won't update the rpm packages if updates are discontinued for Fedora 11.

If you have already downloaded and installed clamd successfully, then you have to set these parameters  in the /etc/clamd.conf file

User defang
LocalSocket /var/spool/MIMEDefang/clamd.sock

and some others too.

Note that this is socket path I told you to check in /usr/local/bin/mimedefang.pl file. If mimedefang detects clamd, it will communicate with it through this socket.

--A. Barua.

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> Here are the results of the closest guess I can make to what you have.
> However, if I do this I won't end up with a clam daemon, which is what
> appears to be what you have.
> [root at sadev ~]# yum install clamav.i586
> Setting up Install Process
> Resolving Dependencies
> ...
> Dependencies Resolved
> Package                    Arch      Version          Repository Size
> Updating:
> clamav                     i586      0.95.2-3.fc11    updates    814 k
> Updating for dependencies:
> clamav-data                noarch    0.95.2-3.fc11    updates    21 M
> clamav-filesystem          noarch    0.95.2-3.fc11    updates    10 k
> clamav-lib                 i586      0.95.2-3.fc11    updates    380 k
> clamav-server              i586      0.95.2-3.fc11    updates    79 k
> Transaction Summary
> Install      0 Package(s)
> Update       5 Package(s)
> Remove       0 Package(s)
> If I want the daemon, I have to specify this:
> clamav-scanner.noarch : Clamav scanner daemon
> clamav-scanner-sysvinit.noarch : SysV initscripts for clamav scanner daemon
> clamav-scanner-upstart.noarch : Upstart initscripts for clamav scanner
> daemon
> And I'm not sure what to do with the server:
> clamav-server.i586 : Clam Antivirus scanner server
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