[Mimedefang] Spam ethics question

- kd6lvw at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 22:46:45 EST 2010

--- On Thu, 1/14/10, Ben Kamen <bkamen at benjammin.net> wrote:
> I had that for a bit where my low priority MX host was routed to self
> and SBC (Ameritech) used to reject any email from as their servers
> knew the seconday/low-priority route was bogus.

OK, but I'm not suggesting its use on a live host (or domain).  I'm suggesting it for honeypots, spamtraps, and other purposes in dealing with malicious senders.  Any precise application is left to the reader.  However, I do have some fake mailboxes using such a configured host sprinkled across my web pages.

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