[Mimedefang] How can I block spam mail addressed FROM me TO me if not HELO match of my SMTP server?

Jason Bertoch jason at electronet.net
Wed Feb 24 08:31:33 EST 2010

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All of the previous replies offer good advice, but may be more complicated than
you need right away.  The biggest thing that stands out to me is that
USER_IN_WHITELIST is matching.  If you fixed that, the mail would score would
have been a whopping 22!
Do you have a configuration line that reads "whitelist_from *@mydomain.com"?  In
general, you should never use the bare whitelist_from directive.  If you must
whitelist mail from users in your domain, take the previous advice and configure
a SPF record and use whirtelist_from_spf instead.

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