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Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Tue Feb 16 14:37:24 EST 2010

I can ssh from my windows instance of cygwin to the mimedefang server.  I
also established a trust relationship by exchanging ssh keys.  I do that all
the time to automate ssh tasks.  However, for cygwin, it keeps defaulting to
my windows user and not "root" and that's the problem.  I can override it if
I type out the ssh command at the command prompt (ssh root@<ip>) but when
watch-mimedefang runs, it uses the windows user.  If I could figure out how
to run cygwin with root user I think it would work.

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Cliff Hayes wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> It is fairly difficult to imagine a box that is still running today that
> couldn't handle a GUI
> The 42 servers I manage range in age from old to new, Fedora 4 thru 12,
> ubuntu, and Windows.  None will ever see a "user" who would benefit from a
> GUI ... only me remoting in to tweak/repair.

The server themselves don't need a GUI - but having one on the machine where
have tools to manage them will make your work easier even if all you do is
run a
bunch of xterms with ssh to the others.

 > IMHO GUIs are great for users but
> unnecessary overhead on servers.  Three of the boxes are Windows so I have
> no choice there.  I must be in the minority since there appears to be no
> call for a web version of watch-mimedefang.

The nature of X is that you can run single applications in a remote window,
all you need on the servers are the basic X libs, and they are only loaded
you run a graphic application.  The real overhead is in the desktop
which can be elsewhere.

> I'll have to give up on the
> cgywin as it took half a day (and 1G of hard drive space) to attempt to
> up the logistics for it and I still can't establish the ssh relationship
> necessary for it to work.

Most of the time goes into building and installing all the local fonts.  How
it fail for you?  Did 'startx' give you the X screen with some open xterms?
Could you 'ssh -Y' to your server from one of them?  If you got that far,
starting a remote program should have worked.  You should even be able to
putty on the windows side if you set up the X tunnel option - I've forgotten
you need to set up the DISPLAY environment.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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