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Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Mon Feb 15 19:26:34 EST 2010

Les Mikesell wrote:
> It is fairly difficult to imagine a box that is still running today that
couldn't handle a GUI

The 42 servers I manage range in age from old to new, Fedora 4 thru 12,
ubuntu, and Windows.  None will ever see a "user" who would benefit from a
GUI ... only me remoting in to tweak/repair.  I've been content to manage
them all without GUIs for years and just never bothered to load one.  This
is actually the first time I ever ran across a problem.  I always choose the
NO GUI options where possible.  IMHO GUIs are great for users but
unnecessary overhead on servers.  Three of the boxes are Windows so I have
no choice there.  I must be in the minority since there appears to be no
call for a web version of watch-mimedefang.  I'll have to give up on the
cgywin as it took half a day (and 1G of hard drive space) to attempt to set
up the logistics for it and I still can't establish the ssh relationship
necessary for it to work.

I also tried xming.  I ran the install.  Then whenever I run the launcher,
it prompts me for a few things then promtply disappears.  If anyone has
gotten xming and watch-mimedefang to work and is willing to share a bit more
detail I'd love to give it another try.

Thanks :)

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Michael Sims wrote:
> Cliff Hayes wrote:
>> For this idea, don't I have to have a GUI OS installed on the linux
>> box I'll be remoting into?
> I did a test install on a spare Ubuntu box I had here, and yes, when I ask
> apt to install vnc4server, it wants to pull down a ton of packages,
> including several xserver* ones.  So if a small footprint on the server
> is important to you this may not be the route to go...

You need to have the X code and window manager installed but not necessarily
running on the console.  It is fairly difficult to imagine a box that is
running today that couldn't handle a GUI, seeing as how virtually everything
shipped in the last 15 years has been designed for, and usually shipped with
windows.  If you are running something that old/limited, I'd recommend
it with a VMware guest on some more modern box and saving some power.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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