[Mimedefang] MaxMIMEParts

Kevin A. McGrail KMcGrail at PCCC.com
Fri Feb 5 12:06:47 EST 2010

Jason Bertoch wrote:
> I've been running MD for many years with $MaxMIMEParts = 50 set in my filter and
> it finally triggered on a message yesterday.  The sender claims he only attached
> a couple of image files and a pdf, but I'm having someone I trust verify that
> claim.  In the mean time, is 50 still considered a sane limit?  It seems so to
> me.  Also, would it be possible for a pdf to somehow appear as multiple MIME
> parts?


Not answering your question as I think it might be more complex as the # 
of parts might not be available from MIME::Parser or returned from the 
parse instance.  I'm sure there is a solution but it's not the output of 
a simple variable. 

David, might be nice to make the MIME::Parser return undef and set a var 
for max parts found so the discard/bounce/etc. action can state more 
information like found 250 parts and 50 parts allowed.

md_syslog('warning', "DEBUG: MaxMIMEParts found

I found I couldn't use MaxMIMEParts.  From memory, I believe I found 
that Digests for mailing lists from Mailman could use a lot of MIME 
Parts to attach all the emails.    I only notated this message below and 
I was already at 100!

#$MaxMIMEParts = 100;


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