[Mimedefang] Enumerate Email Address parts

Kees Theunissen theuniss at rijnh.nl
Wed Feb 3 13:45:20 EST 2010

On Wed, 3 Feb 2010, Paul Murphy wrote:

>> Sender email address:  Joe at abc.com
>> Need to get 'Joe' and make the recipient's email address:  Joe at abc.local
>use the VIRTUSERTABLE feature within Sendmail, with an entry like this:
>@abc.com		%1 at abc.com,%1 at abc.local

I'm not sure about this use of multiple addresses on the RHS of the
VIRTUSERTABLE. The 'bat book' (3rd edition) doesn't mention this
and I'm too lazy to test it.

Anyway, I'm quite sure that you cann't use the VIRTUSERTABLE feature
to rewrite recipient addresses *based on the sender's address*.



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