[Mimedefang] mimedefang letting some spams through...why?

Tony tonj at freeuk.com
Wed Feb 3 10:20:03 EST 2010

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> Tony wrote:
>> I'm going around in circles here, as a beginner it's hard to 
>> understand
>> cryptic replies. Are you saying I should restore the above commands 
>> and
>> look for the 'double-scan' problem elsewhere?
> No.
> Here's how the mail flow works:
> 1) During the DATA phase of the SMTP conversation, the mail is scanned
> by MIMEDefang.  If you happen to call SpamAssassin from MIMEDefang, 
> then
> the mail gets scanned by SpamAssassin.
> 2) AFTER Sendmail concludes the SMTP conversation (by replying to the 
> final
> "." with a 2xx SMTP reply code), the mail gets handed over to the 
> delivery
> agent.  In your case, that's procmail.
> 3) The spamc line in .procmailrc calls SpamAssassin *again*, but this
> time as you (not the defang user) and after MIMEDefang has utterly 
> finished
> with the message.
> 4) When the spamc command returns (possibly having altered the mail), 
> procmail
> drops it into your INBOX.

ok thanks for this info David, I appreciate it and it makes things 
clearer. Based on what you say I will leave things as they are - without 
the spamc entry in procmailrc - and keep an eye on my mail log. I know 
when an email has been rejected by MD because I see that specific reject 
in the mail log. 

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