[Mimedefang] attachment alteration question

Reg Tepmongkol regomatic at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 14 21:41:14 EST 2010

We are currently filter file attachment (no .exe .com .app ...etc)  However we want to forward the original email with the original attachment to an exchange account "attachment", and then remove the attachment with
if (filter_bad_filename($entity)) {
        md_graphdefang_log('bad_filename', $fname, $type);
        return action_drop_with_warning("An attachment named $fname was removed from this document as it\nconstituted a security hazard.  If you require this document, please contact\nthe sender and arrange an alternate means of receiving it.\n");
I am not sure how to go about forwarding the original first to "attachment account" and then scrub the email and forward it to original recipient with the attachment removed.  We want this behavior so we can retrieve attachment on requests to the IT staff.  I have tried different things but none of them worked. Any help would be appreciated.
-reg t.

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