[Mimedefang] change sendmail priority from within filter_begin()

Frank Doepper mimedefang at taz.de
Fri Feb 12 06:18:47 EST 2010

Am 15.01.10 um 09:21 schrieb Kevin A. McGrail:

> Expect some flames for not reading the manual so here's two hints:
> 1 - man mimedefang-filter
> 2 - action_change_header....
>     action_change_header($hdr, $val, $index)
>             Changes an existing header in the message. This can be used in 
> filter_begin or filter_end.  The $hdr parameter is the header name without 
> the colon, and $val is the header value.  If the header does
>             not exist, then a header with the given name and value is added.
>             The $index parameter is optional; it defaults to 1.  If you 
> supply it, then the $index'th occurrence of the header is changed, if there 
> is more than one header with the same name.  (This  is  common
>             with the Received: header, for example.)

Nice joke. I was asking for ...

>> how can I change the sendmail priority from within mimedefang? 
>> action_add_header('Precedence','bulk') insite filter_begin() adds the 
>> header but seems not to change the priority (probably because sendmail 
>> already has set it).

... changing the Priority (grep ^P /etc/mail/sendmail.cf). I know how to 
fiddle with headers. I have really inhaled the manual.


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