[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.68 panic: top_env problems

Matt Smith matt at coolchilli.com
Fri Feb 26 01:00:55 EST 2010

Thanks for all that replied.
David - I had forgotten to included that I had googled, I just didn't
like the response I got (perl bug).
I don't believe the bug is in my filter (or only in my filter), as
replacing the filter with the stock "suggested minimum for windows.."
included filter gave the same results.

If anyone else has similar perl module versions, I'd be interested in
hearing about their upgrade success, in the hopes of tracking down the

I will look as kd6lvw at yahoo.com suggested and attempt some upgrades,
however given the other excellent advice from Tilman (re: CPAN vs RPM
upgrades) I'll be doing it carefully so I don't kill the system prior to
being able to retire it.

Thanks also to WBrown for the O'Reilly reference - I'm sure that was
what David also encountered (as did I when i asked Google), I was just
hoping it was more of a known fault, or one that could be tracked a
little easier!
Again, thanks all.  I'll try upgrading some of my modules and report
back if any progress is made, or the solution is found.


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