[Mimedefang] End-of-line weirdness

Dave O'Neill dmo at roaringpenguin.com
Mon Dec 6 17:13:29 EST 2010

On Mon, 06 Dec 2010 13:56:38 -0800
Philip Prindeville <philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com> wrote:

> Ok, so...  the fix then would be to do a split() on the input data
> and call syslog() for each of the resultant fragments?

Well, the equivalent in C.  The data comes from the child's stderr and is
captured and syslogged by the multiplexor process.

It might just be easier to write a quick script to find "Slave \d+ stderr"
error lines in your syslog output and reformat them to something more readable,
since they should be quite rare.

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