[Mimedefang] Remove existing tag from Subject:

Jason Bertoch jason at electronet.net
Mon Dec 6 12:24:51 EST 2010

Does anyone have filter code they're willing to share that removes any existing
"*****SPAM*****" tag in the Subject: header?

I occasionally get customers that reply back-and-forth several times to a FP,
leaving the tag in place each time, then finally report to me that the reply is
a FP.  In many cases, the cause of the FP has already been fixed so each reply
is no longer considered spam, but the tag is still in place.  Removing any
existing tag prior to processing with SA will reduce confusion on the
recipient's end, and save me a fair amount of leg work on the FP report.

I realize that Subject: tagging is outdated, but it's what my customers already
have rules for in their mail clients.  Changing this habit is in the works, but
it's also a slow process.


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