[Mimedefang] Increasing Multiplexor Queue Size

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Fri Apr 9 11:24:53 EDT 2010

Roberto Ullfig wrote:

> We get occasional bursts of e-mail and sometimes the multiplexor queue
> fills up and sendmail starts returning 451s (which isn't _that_ big of a
> deal). I was considering doubling the queue size. If this will just
> result in extra files being dumped in the queue directory (which is in
> RAM in our case) then I'd like to do it. No other process on the system
> should consume more memory or cpu if I do this right?

It should be fine.  The MIMEDefang resources that will increase are
extra milter threads (one for each queued request) and extra file
descriptors (at least one, maybe two or three per queued request.)



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