[Mimedefang] patches/support of off-server clamd implimentation?

Tom Brown wc-mimedefang at vmail.baremetal.com
Wed Apr 21 13:34:37 EDT 2010

clamd seems to be getting increasingly memory intensive. The default 
mimedefang clamd support wants to talk to a clamd daemon on the local 
machine, but I'm beginning to think that I'd rather run clamd on ONE box 
and have MD connect to it.  I still have a few small servers around that 
only have 512 Meg of ram and having clamd eat half of it is not very nice.

AFAICS, the current Mimedefang code is UNIX socket specific 
(entity_contains_virus_clamd and message_contains_virus_clamd)

     my $sock = IO::Socket::UNIX->new(Peer => $clamd_sock);
     if (defined $sock) {

it seems it should be fairly trivial to change that to be able to support 
a hostname:port pair, and use the appropriate socket type. Then the code 
would also need to be modified to send the data over the connection (clamd 
INSTREAM command) instead of sending a filename... (again, a fairly simple 

The reason for this post is to ask if such patches would be likely to make 
it into the mainstream? Or possibly if others have already done this?


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