[Mimedefang] Dovecot Metadata question

Kevin A. McGrail KMcGrail at PCCC.com
Wed Apr 21 09:36:40 EDT 2010

I have some odd indexing issues with Dovecot and I'm curious if it has 
to do with the metadata.  It's a longshot but something that is 
recommended for mbox format users at:


    Dovecot's Metadata

Dovecot uses C-Client (ie. UW-IMAP, Pine) compatible headers in mbox 
messages to store metadata. These headers are:

    * X-IMAPbase: Contains UIDVALIDITY, last used UID and list of used
    * X-IMAP: Same as X-IMAPbase but also specifies that the message is
      a "pseudo message"
    * X-UID: Message's allocated UID
    * Status: R (\Seen) and O (non-\Recent) flags
    * X-Status: A (\Answered), F (\Flagged), T (\Draft) and D (\Deleted)
    * X-Keywords: Message's keywords
    * Content-Length: Length of the message body in bytes

Whenever any of these headers exist, Dovecot treats them as its own 
private metadata. It does sanity checks for them, so the headers may 
also be modified or removed completely. None of these headers are sent 
to IMAP/POP3 clients when they read the mail. Preferably your LDA should 
strip all these headers before writing the mail to the mbox.

So I'm wondering if there is any reason these headers shouldn't be 
stripped for every email on the system by MD?


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