[Mimedefang] filter_recipient and @recipients array

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Wed Sep 23 09:05:04 EDT 2009

Cliff Hayes wrote:

> Before I started using filter_recipient to reject or accept mail based on
> email address, I had the full @Recipients array available to me in
> filter_end.  I was using that to log email data to a database.  Now that I'm
> using filter_recipient, if a recipient is rejected, that recipient is
> removed from the @Recipients array.  So, I tried accessing the array in
> filter_begin and it's gone from there too.  How can I record the full list
> of recipients while using filter_recipient?

You'd need to save the information yourself (probably in a file in the
MIMEDefang working directory.)



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