[Mimedefang] FW: stream_by_recipient beginner

Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Wed Sep 30 10:46:39 EDT 2009

Made some progress using stream_by_recipient.

Was getting Authentication-Warning ... defang set sender to <chayes at afo.net>
using -f

Added defang to trusted-users to fix that.

Now, I have two problems:

1) all multiple-recipient mail now goes to the clientmqueue instead of the
mqueue and just sits there until I run a sendmail -L sm-msp-queue -Ac -q ...
I have a Fedora system ... since I can't run the command constantly, how do
I teach sendmail to keep flushing the clientmqueue?

2) the mail in the clientmqueue is clearly spam but is no longer being
flagged as spam.  My debug logs are showing that the mail is being run
through all the tests and many tests are coming back positive but no score
is being assigned.

Thanks in advance,


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On Die, 2009-09-29 at 16:09 -0500, Cliff Hayes wrote:
> How does using stream_by_recipient compare with using filter_recipient?

If there is more than 1 recipient, stream_by_recipient() plain simply
resubmits that mail for each recipient separately (via `sendmail` - IIRC
you can find that function in mimedefang,pl). And (usually) these mails
go through the whole mail checking process again (as if the original
sender sent them that way).

And after that, the original mail is discarded (where all these log
messages come from).

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