[Mimedefang] append_text_boilerplate problems

IFB Network Operations network-ops at ifb.net
Thu Sep 24 07:00:37 EDT 2009

Hi All,

we're currently seeing a problem with using append_text_boilerplate in 
that it is appending our boilerplate message to the end of attached text 

The emails in question have the body being sent as html without an 
inline text/plain part.  The only text/plain parts are attached .txt 
files which aren't inline.  We're passing the 0 as the last parameter to 
the function call to instruct this function to append the boilerplate to 
the first text/plain part.

 From looking at the source in mimedefang.pl it looks like this function 
doesn't check whether the part the boilerplate is applied to is inline 
or not, it just appends it to the first text/plain part is finds.  Does 
anyone know if this is intentional or is it assume that HTML emails 
should always have an inline text/plain part?

This is causing us some problems as the text parts in questions are 
license keys which are getting munged.

I've done some digging through the MIME RFCs and can't find anything 
that states that an inline text/plain must always be included but maybe 
someone knows otherwise?

We can work on putting a patch together if this is affecting anyone else?


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