[Mimedefang] Firewalls and Mimedefang

Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Tue Sep 15 15:46:05 EDT 2009

My shiny new mimedefang servers (7 of them) are all running smoothly.  I've
asked the boss to contribute financially to your cause.

Now I have to deal with the jerks.  I started out running with no firewall
(not comfortable with that) and have the typical ssh probes.  I didn't want
to try to mess with a firewall and end up blocking something mimedefang
and/or spamassassin was doing.  Here is a list of ports I've accumulated.  I
have two questions:

a) Please let me know if I've missed anything.
b) If I do miss something, how will it make itself known?  maillog?  some
other log?

port list:

7 (vipul's razor)
25 (smtp mail)
123 (for ntpd time updates)
1023 (dcc)
2703 (vipul's razor)
6277 (dcc)
24441 (pyzor)



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