[Mimedefang] questions about filter parsing, message mod'ing, and bouncing messages

TLD MimeDefang tld.mimed at stimulacra.com
Fri Sep 4 12:12:49 EDT 2009

Sorry for the long delay in replying, I have been on a road trip
helping my brother move from Texas to South Carolina.

Jason Bertoch wrote:
> Out of curiosity, how much information are you trying to insert into the
> error message such that it causes you problems?  I use the following line
> for messages that score above my highest threshold.  For really spammy
> messages, this line can get rather long, but hasn't produced any problems to
> the best of my knowledge.  Any false positive submitters have been able to
> include the expanded error message in their report.
> action_bounce("Message appears to be Spam. Matched $names for a score of
> $hits.");

   I think my line was something like "SPAM markers found. Please see
http://oururl.tld/spam-faqs for more information".   Every time it
would try and send this message out, it reverted to the phrase "command
rejected".  When I kept the message simple it never did this.

   Hhmmm.. I just noticed something.  Every time the bounce message
got reverted to "Command rejected", the log file contains a line, right
before this:

set_reply returned MI_FAILURE

   I never noticed this before.  A bit of research shows some older
messages in this list refering to using newlines in the bounce message
as one cause.  I know I didn't use newlines in mine, so I'm guessing
one of the other characters I set in there was the culprit.  If I can
figure that out and create a longer, friendly message, I would be
mucho happier. My searching hasn't turned up an online resource for
what characters are and are not accepted here. Any ideas?


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