[Mimedefang] Ext3 error caused action_quarantine_entire_message to fail - Tested Patch

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Sat Oct 17 09:02:28 EDT 2009

As a follow-up to my previous message, I have implemented and tested the 
proposed fix in mimedefang.pl.  Other than missing one open { and nesting 
the success test to create a subdir, the code seems to work perfectly.

Plus our tiny server received over 29K messages that were quarantined 
yesterday because of some stupid phishing attack so it was just in time! 
This patch isn't just for big ISPs...

Once you patch things, your quarantine will use a subdir for the day and the 
hour.  For example, while writing this email, it has flipped from 8AM to 9AM 
in my timezone:

Oct 17 08:59:19 intel1 mimedefang.pl[31021]: n9HCxFtf026507: MSG 
Oct 17 09:00:07 intel1 mimedefang.pl[30909]: n9HD034B026858: MSG 

I couldn't find the MD Wiki to post the code but it's available at 

There is also a unified diff patch to the source for 2.67 at:


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